Ever Feel Like Telling Your Practice to Take a Hike?
Listen to learn how transitioning to personalized lifestyle medicine can save your sanity, your health and give you more free time and higher income.
Put on your sneakers. Pop in your ear buds. 
Let’s go for a hike.

Get some fresh air and movement while I recount a journey you might be all too familiar with, the story of an optimistic medical school graduate who burned herself out and felt crushed under the weight of an outdated, ineffective system.  

Fear not, my friend—there is a happy ending, or better stated, a new beginning. I found a way to safely transition from the soul-sucking, disconnected standard of care that has become the norm to practicing personalized lifestyle medicine on my own terms.

Allow me to save you the time and money it took to blaze a trail back to happiness by giving you the step-by-step ways to shift from surviving to thriving in your practice!
When did practicing medicine become prescribing medicine?
Sara Gottfried, MD inherited 2,500 patients that were depending on high doses of prescription drugs with seemingly little benefit. These women left to her care after a peer retired were subject to an endless cycle of suppressing symptoms with ever higher doses of meds rather than removing the root cause of their challenges. 

Like a phoenix rises from the flame, Dr. Gottfried found a way to shed the old ways and align her practice with her values.  In doing so, she regained her health, elevated her income, and had more time for herself and her loved ones. You can too.
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